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Health & Safety

The company is developing and implementing a number of occupational health and safety initiatives to guarantee a safe and healthy work environment.

The management system is based on OSHAS-18001. Certification was achieved in October 2011 following an external and independent audit of the management system.

Our H&S management system is supported by several pillars, including the following:
  • OPERATIONAL RISK MANAGEMENT SYSTEM "ORMS": The aim is to prevent the occurrence of accidents in the operations of ECO ORO MINERALS CORPORATION by identifying, evaluating and controlling risks.
  • PREVENTIVE MEDICINE AND WORK PROGRAM: Comprises actions to prevent illness from work and maintaining physical and mental well-being from start of employment with the company.
  • EMERGENCY PLAN: The aim is to be prepared for attending to emergencies that may arise during the performance of company activities and to respond to emergencies in the surrounding communities.
  • H&S PROGRAM MANAGEMENT FOR CONTRACTORS AND SUPPLIERS: Purpose is to ensure that all our contractors and suppliers comply with the standards of ECO ORO MINERALS CORPORATION and current legislation on Industrial Safety and Occupational Health.
  • ALCOHOL AND DRUG PROGRAM: Seeks to ensure a healthy work environment for all employees AT ECO ORO MINERALS CORPORATION with education and prevention programs on alcohol and drug abuse.
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