Committed to Positive and
Sustainable Development for the Region


Our priority is to adopt and implement values, principles and guidelines to develop a gold mining project that generates lasting positive economic and social impacts. We are committed to the highest standards and improving our approach to minimize negative environmental impacts for the communities in which we operate, in the department of Santander and throughout the whole country.

Since the beginning of its activities, the Company has based its Corporate Social Responsibility ("CSR") strategy on a social policy, structured by actual experiences we have lived with the surrounding communities. These experiences have guided us to focus our efforts and actions on relevant matters aimed at supporting the communities in their ongoing integral development. To achieve this goal we adapted a management model based on "constructivism", meaning a relationship between the company and its stakeholders where a continuous and open dialogue allows us to understand and identify their needs.

Through this model we categorized our social investment into three strategic areas:
  • Education
  • Business initiatives
  • Cultural Heritage
Social programs are structured under the scope of these areas and are executed by the Eco Oro Foundation, created in 2006.